. This has been another interesting year for us all and we at TOPHILL FARMS welcome you back for that CHRISTMAS tradition of picking out your family tree. Covid continues to play a part in all of our daily lives along with the flu and a multitude of other illnesses.  We provide hand sanitizer and clean frequently touched surfaces on a regular basis.  

  We encourage everyone to dress warmly for walk/ride to the fields to pick out their tree. Please be respectful of people's personal space and mask preference.  

    All trees must be brought to a shed for tagging and transport to the front parking lot where you will pay and pick up your tree.  Tree carts will be available and sanitized daily.

 Payment will be at the front shed.  Please after paying, pick up your tree from the processing area and take it to your car in the parking lot to tie it on.

Hand sanitizer stations available throughout the farm.